Monday, October 12, 2015

Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun.. rest well my friend

Our first encounter was an unpleasant one. I drove into his car's side when we both were rushing to sit for a job-related exam some years ago. Kalutness.
Some years later, I was fated to join him in Accounts Dept. We became friends.
Now it clicked as to why he was so agitated when I hit his car. His very high blood pressure. The reason why he passed away just before Subuh today. He left his lovely wife, 3 young boys and a 7 days old baby girl. I cried when I hugged his wife. I cried when I kissed his young children.All in all he's a good son,  husband, father & friend.We will all miss him sorely. 
May Allah place him amongst the pious, amin.
Sad October it is..
Al Fatihah

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ampat Pulohan

Atas ihsanNya, dapat bernafas ke saat ini
Syukur segala yang diberi, yang menjadikan saya sebagai saya sekarang
Al Fatihah buat bonda Rohani Mohd Arshad & ayahanda Abdul Wahab Hj Nasib
Moga aman damai di sana di kalangan yang dikasihi Allah
amin ya rabbal alamin  

Monday, July 21, 2014

2014.. Malaysia in Mourning :'(

MH17 tragedy, 4 months after MH370's disappearance
Soonest the news reached my knowledge, I conveyed my deepest condolences to my schoolmate who lost her baby brother the co pilot. How very devastating it must be to have lost a loved one in a tragedy of such degree.. One can only imagine the heartbreak.
Just today I found out my distant cousin from my late mother's side also perished in the tragedy. The news can be read here. Feelings? Just numbness.. from so many mixed feelings.. anger, frustration, utter sadness, curious as to why would anyone have the heart to break so many hearts, grieving their loss.. only Allah knows.. and only from Allah we should seek refuge.  
Al Fatihah