Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#101 - Birthday Baby #1 edited!

Birthday guy when he was 12 with his BFF

Happy 14th Birthday my beloved firstborn! 
Since your Abah decided not to celebrate birthdays, we just shared a small container of extra moist choc cake Umi took home from 5S meeting at office. Hope that would keep u happy for at least today. O yeah we had iced Horlicks Chatime on Sunday, right? 
Above all, we love u very much! Everyday Umi prays for your safety, bright future & blessings from Allah, amin ya rabbal alamin..

Please excuse the English language.. it's his preferred daily language :)

Edited 10th May 2013 with latest face of my anak teruna hihi


Kakcik said...

Happy birthday Abang. Always be a good boy to your Ummi and Abah. A good big brother also.

Hentam aje la labu... Mokcik tak pandai skiping...

AzeedA said...

TQ MokKakcik! hihi practice practice practice :)

anak terune dh Kakcik oi.. ghiso je ati teman ni hmmmm

ibundo said...

happy belated birthday wish from nenda pah.. wish you all the best in your future undertakings.

AzeedA said...

TQ Nenda Pah :)
Best wishes for u & family!

mala said...

happy belated birthday ... yg mana satu anak teruna? 14thn dah no ... sebaya la dgn anak dara ai 17 may ni.

AzeedA said...

TQ Aunty Mala :D
tuuu hat aku tampai dh muka terkini tuuu.. bole jd colan menantu dak ni?