Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Makan2 Bai2

emmm.. nyam2 nye.. pinjam gambor ye chef!

menggu ni rejki agak moghah.. alhamdulillah.. :)
hr sebtu ade kekanda tercayang ngajak teghojah ghomahnye.. well u know who u r bebeh ;)
hr jemaat lak opis lame ngajak makan2 sempene kebrambusan teman dr situ ngeh3... :P
ikut ati yg tawor ni, teman tak ndak. mmg sayang ngan kawan2 yg betui kawan situ.. tp ghamey lg kawan yg tikam kawan... cemane?
ce bg cedangan sket..

Belated Maulidur Rasul

Assalamualaikom :)
salam Maulidur Rasul!

sembang BO skit hr ni yeh..
ori stori leh bace kt sini ye.. TQVM puan Wiz for sharing!

5 Characteristics of Greatness

“I believe if a man like him (Muhammad) were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring much needed peace and happiness. I have studied him - the man and in my opinion is far from being an anti–Christ. He must be called the Savior of Humanity. I have prophesied about the faith of Mohammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today.”
George Bernard Shaw - The Genuine Islam Vol.No.8, 1936.
The lunar month of Rabi-ul-Awwal is the month in which the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is commemorated. George Bernard Shaw is one of many scholars who have paid glowing tribute to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The article ‘5 Characteristics of Greatness’ is a tribute to the exalted character of the Prophet (pbuh).
Why was the character of the Prophet (saw) great? His character was great because he had one purpose in life.
One of the great scholars of tafsir (commentary of the Quran) explained why the Prophet’s character was great.
He said ‘The Prophet (saw) was a great man with a great character because his only concern was Allah.’
What does this mean? Because the Prophet (saw) lived the most active of lives – he was a successful business man, a very successful husband, the most successful leader that humanity has seen, everything that he did he was tremendously successful in. No one achieved more in this life than he did, (saw). What made him great was his concern of the pleasure of Allah (swt). This is the challenge. Guide us to the straight path, guide us to the way in life that gets us straight to you and that’s the way of the Prophet (saw).
And this is the question someone who is striving to achieve something in this life to truly bring benefit to themselves in the next life, should ask themselves. Am I seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt)? Where am I going in my life? Allah asked us ‘f’ayna tathabin?’ So where are you headed?
We should be headed in a straight line. What’s that straight line? Seeking the pleasure of Allah. That straight line is straight forward, because you can do anything in life within certain limits but do it for the sake of Allah (swt) and do it with excellence, which is the way of the Prophet (saw). These are the two aspects of greatness: the first is to make a commitment in life to seek the pleasure of Allah, secondly to follow the example of the Prophet (saw).
Ibn Rajab, one of the great scholars of Islam asked the question ‘What was the character of the Prophet, what is it that made him great?’ and he mentioned five things that made the Prophet (saw) a great man:
(1) The first is fulfilling the rights of others.
There are people whom you owe rights to – fulfil their rights. So for example, your parents, your siblings, your relatives, your friends have rights over you – fulfil their rights.
(2) The second: avoid harming people.
This is the second part of the excellence of Prophetic character. The Prophet (saw) – he did not even harm his enemies. And this is the second aspect of good character. This is common sense.
(3) The third aspect of being great is the way you act with people.
How did the Prophet (saw) act with people? He was positive and cheerful in his dealings with people. He was positive and cheerful. He would be walking down the streets of Medina and little girls would grab him by the hand, saying that they wanted to show him something. They would be play, skip and jump around him, telling him they wanted to show him something. The Prophet (saw) would not let go of their hand until they let go of his.He’d be walking down the streets of Medina, and can you imagine the Prophet having nothing to do? No. He would be extremely busy, but he’d be walking down the street and if anyone greeted him, as is mentioned in the books that describe the Prophet (saw) ‘If he turned to someone, he turned completely.’ He wouldn’t just say ‘wa ‘alaykum Al-salam’ hurriedly. If someone greeted him he would turn completely to that person and give them his complete attention. Many of the Sahaba (companions of the Prophet) thought they were the most beloved to the Prophet (saw). Why? Because he dealt with everyone in a positive way.
The fourth and fifth aspects of good character are a little more difficult. It is not so hard to smile although you'd think that in the religion there was something to say that it was bad to smile too much. But there isn't. The Prophet (saw) was always cheerful, but always full of concern. There were always things he was thinking about, but he was always cheerful. People think that if you get religious, you had better start frowning. Sometimes when you go to the mosque it feels like everyone has just died. But no, the sunnah (way of the Prophet) is to smile. The Prophet (saw) said Your smiling at another is an act of charity.Ãs something pleasing to Allah (swt).
(4) The fourth aspect of good character is to respond to the good that others do, with good, or that which is better.
We don't fully appreciate what others do for us. How many times do we really thank our parents, or any one of our friends, and this is an important Sunnah. The Prophet (saw) warned that anyone who doesn't thank people hasn't thanked Allah. This is another aspect of good character.But these four are not that difficult.The test of good character, of greatness, the test of whether you are really someone seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt) is not just being good to people which is a summary of what these four things are.
(5) The fifth aspect of good character is that you respond to the wrong of others with nothing but the good.
And this is the greatest thing you will find in the Prophet (saw).You will find many people who did many great things in life, but you'll find no one who unfailingly responded to the bad of others with nothing but the good, like the Prophet (saw). Look at every stage of his life. People threw garbage at him, people threw their slippers at him, people hurt him, harmed him, did all kinds of things, and how did the Prophet respond?You saw nothing but beautiful action in response. The Prophet was firm; he didn't act like a door mat. He was a firm man, he knew exactly what he had to achieve in life and he took steps towards that and when he was opposed he stood firm both in Mecca and Medina. He stood firm in the face of opposition, but with excellence. And even when people came and were unreasonable with him, you see nothing but beautiful conduct.When he entered Mecca again after the conquest of Mecca, all of Qureysh were under the power of the Prophet (saw); he could do with them as he wished. What was prevalent at that time when you conquered a city: blood bath. People were scurrying into each other's houses, going here and there, but what did the Prophet (saw) say to them? He said to them something the Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) had said to his brethren, because the brothers of the Prophet Yusuf tried to get rid of him and move him to a well, but when they reunited the Prophet Yusuf forgave them and said this to his brothers. His brothers. The Prophet said it to those who had been opposing him for 20 years. He said I say to you as the Prophet Yusuf said to his brothers, there is no blame on you today, we are brothers. May Allah forgive us and you.' And he did not take any of them to task even though he could have. He could have done anything he wanted with them and the customs prevalent at his time would not have prevented that. They were expecting a blood bath and nothing happened.
-the end-
hopefully this post triggers self-reflection in us all. how much have we done to examplify Rasulullah's great characters.. feel free to share :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


pakcik google nye gambor :)

pakcik wiki nye stori kt sni...

er@ main lagu2 arwah pg td sempena ulangtahun pemergian arwah in 1992..
sgt syahdu especially lagu2 balada arwah yg evergreen.. at least to me lah..
lurrrrrveeeeeee his singing.. sgt2 bersemangat + touching feeling..
semoge dia aman di sane.. al-Fatihah..

Friday, February 18, 2011


nampak tenang je kan... dlm ati sape yg tau...

p/s utk kakcik.. ghomah teman dlm gambor ni.. ce teke ce teke..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awan (+ Cekelat) Nano

Lihat ke arah sana
Serakan warna dan berarakan
Pabila terik panas
Segera hadirnya memayungi diri
Pabila kau dahaga
Sesegera turun hujan melimpahkan kasihnya
Pabila kau katakan
Akulah awan itu yang kau mahu
Begitulah awan nano
Setia melindungi diri
Tika panas mencuba menggores pipi
Dan bibirmu
Begitulah awan nano
Sering saja tak terduga hadir
Dan tak akan tercapai jejarimu
Kasih tiada banding
Setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua
Awan kekasih sebenarmu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu
Lihat diriku ini
Yang sesekali pernah kau bagaikan awan
Sehingga tak mungkin terlupa
Berikan belas sedari dulu
Sehingga tak mungkin termampu saksi
Setitis pun air matamu kasihku
Sehingga kau katakan
Akulah awan itu yang kau rindu
Akulah awanmu yang sedia
Melindungi dirimu tika panas mencuba menggores pipi
Dan bibirmu
Akulah awanmu yang sering kau rindu
Dan tak terduga hadirmu walau tak tercapai jejarimu
Kasih tiada banding setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua
Aku pelindung dirimu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu
Begitulah awan nano
Setia melindungi diri tika panas mencuba menggores pipi
Dan bibirmu
Begitulah awan nano
Sering saja tak terduga hadir
Dan tak akan tercapai jejarimu
Kasih tiada banding setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua
Aku pelindung dirimu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu

lagu dendangan Hafiz AF ni mmg touching my feeling.. :)
actuallynye teman minat dgn nyanyian Hafiz.. very very sincere singing.. very rare!

cekelat nano? ya habbibbi le peminatnye.. dia smenjak nk baik dr denggi ni ndak yg masam2.. loye katenye sbb bdn byk masuk angin. bwk gi peteghoneh dibelinye cekelat nano ni. tuan kecik pulak sebok nk meghase. bukak le sebijik.. masuk2 mulut diluahnye balik. sepesen dgn teman, tak kesiyor sgt nanno na na na na nanno nih.. dh ade kt tgn teman takkan nk campakbuang. nangeh pulak nano tu yek... teman pon kemam le dlm molot...... eh.. cam sedap pulak.. aaiiisshhh dh tuwe2 ni buleh beghubah ghase juge ye.. heh

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cuti Mishi Shekshi Balik Ghomah! Episod Akhir (ke?)

teman mintak mahap ye..
ya habbibbi teman kne denggi :(
haghi kamih lpeh teman bwk ke klinit cek daghah sbb bintik2 meghahnye nmpk mcm bwh kulit + mlm seblomnye kejang2 kaki + sesak napeh.
lpeh pueh nunggu sambey begolek2kan dlm pikighan, keluor le keputusan pletletnye 86! normal 150 ye tuanpuancikencik sekalian.. daghah putih + meghah ghendah2 juge bacaannye.. aduyaaaiiiii kompem denggi..! ma'sudnye dokter swasta betui, dokter gomen x leh nk kate juge sbb simtom2nye dedua nyakit ni ala2 dondang juge.
makenye tanye meghate le petua2 + resipi2 mengganyang denggi nih! 100+ bebotoi2 kubeli, ketam 3ekor utk sup + ghebuih dlm cocacola (sedap juge yg ni) + jemaat mlm mami mertuweku bwk daun betik utk ditumbok + peghah ayornye.
makenye obat2 klinit tolak tepi dlu bagi laluan kt obat2an buatan ghomah. kecuali penin2 tu kne juge telan penadol.
jemaat cek daghah lg tughon ke 74! habbibbi dh siap2 sound 'wasiat x ndak masuk wad'. mujor tahap masuk wad tu 65 ke bwh.. masuk ayor sebotoi kt klinit. mlm tu tumbok daun betik teghuih bg minum sesudu. sok pg lg sesudu. cek daghah lg tughon ke 73 pulak. klinit sughoh gi spitel pulak masuk ayor. habbibbi ngingatkan 'wasiatnye'. mujor x kne heghet gi spitel je. blk ghomah dlu makan2 + mnum ayor daun tu sesudu tu baghu le ke spitel.
pueh le begolek2an, bercumbu2an dlm pikighan lg kt spitel tu.. habbibbi siap meghancang utk mencolek dighi sendighi blk ke ghomah tp teman wat dek je. kang kejang2 lg kt ghomah sape yg nk ngangkatnye? masok ayor 2botoi pulak. cek daghah lpeh tu alhamdulillah naik ke 88! ada ongg woh! dokter pesan dtg lg cek daghah esoknye, kne ulang sampey naik normal katenye. balik le dgn snang ati. pulun lg ayor daun betik.
esoknye cek daghah.. lpeh 3,4 kali ngulang nanye kt kaunter dh siap ke belom dipanggeynye dokter masuk. alhamdulillah! naik ke 112! yiiiiaaaahhhhuuuuuuu..! mishi shekshi yg over tawww.. dh xyah cek daghah! tp dokter warning bejage2 jgn kne lg.. kalo kne mungkin lg teghok.. ketor teman jap. gamoknye dokter geli tgk teman gedik benor bile tau xyah cek-in daghah dh hehehe..
itu le. alkesahnye mishi shekshi meletak jwtan buat mase ni. haghapnye xde sambungannye ye..
seblom tu teman nk pesan.. cek2 le dlm luor ghomah tu ye.. jgn ade ayor betakong. nyamok edes sekaghang betelor x kighenye ayor beghesih ke kotor ke besabun ke..
bak kate kak teman, ' penyakit ni mendekatkan kite dgn Allah, femili + kwn2'
trimekasih byk2 pd yg mendoakan.. Allah saje yg dpt membalehnye.. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Insya Allah ada jalannya...

ye sedaghe sedaghi.. teman tgh dengor lagu maherzen ni dimelayukan.

saye xsuke!

mcm tgk upin+ipin dlm BO.. sunggoh x shuke tawwwww

Cuti Mishi Shekshi Balik Ghomah!

*imej pinjaman pakcik Google*

ce cite ce cite..

hadoi pak tenet main nyoghok2 semlm.. jenoh teman caghi las2 kat opis juge jumpe.. (alasan tenet ghomah kne blok sbb lom bayor bil heheh)

ye haghi ni teman mangket lmbt! mujor sampey opis lmbt semenet.. je...

alkesahnye.. haghi ahad ya habbibi mangketnye awey. mandi2 smayang suboh pehtu ghase laen mcm..

oppss.. fleshbek sket.. chuti ghaye chine teman sefemili blk kampong KL je ghomah mertuweku. fleshbek sket lg seblom blk tu gi mlawat anak2 sedaghe teman 2 org kne denggi. pehtu blk kg, mami mertuweku pule demam ceme2.

okeh fowed blk.. mai laling tu ghase sejuk2. makenye mishi shekshi pon pengang2 dahi ghase dedor2 sket. lpeh mkn brekpes, telan sbijik penadol solubel. sambong tidor.. mai lalingnye le.. mishi shekshi kne lyn tuan3 kecik.

tghari sket.. cek mai laling.. panehhh.. dia ngadu sakit kpale + bdn sgt2. blakangnye yg tegolek dog hr tu lom baik betoi lg. cek2 tgk mcm ade meghah2 kat dade + blakang. ghiso teman.. caghi2 stok ponstan kalo2 ade.. x jumpe. bg penadol dlu.

ptg tu nk megrib makin teghok demam + sakitnye. pujuk2 gi klinit.. jenoh le.. liat ya amat. xpe.. bg tuan3 kecik siap makan. pujuk balik.. time tu dh ngeluh2 sakit xtahan dh makenye serender le. angkut le teman semue2nye masuk SLK (cewah!) teman, teghuih lending dpan klinit prebet. tunggu kejap dokter dh panggey. cek3.. katenye pelik kalo denggi 3,4 hr demam baghu keluor meghah2. cocoknye obat tahan sakit, baginye soghat refer spitel cek daghah. amik sebemban obat2an, sumbat blk smue2nye dlm SLK.. lending dpan spitel pulok.

ghamey juge spitel nk2 tghmlm tu tp idokle mcm pasormlm.. tunggu juge dlm 20menet, mai laling dh gelisah nk baghin kat ghomah. dipujuk2 juge le dek mishi shekshi ni sbb taukan kalo esok2 idoknye mau gi jejak kaki ke spitel tu.. mujor x lame lpeh tu dipanggeynye dokter masuk cek. cek3 lg.. dokter pon kate kalo denggi amik mase juge nk kluor meghah2 tu. meghah2 denggi bwh kulit. yg ya habbibi nye mcm ghuam2 paneh gayenye. jadinye x pyh le buat bloodtest dlu kate dokter. mungkinnye demam measles je atopun baghu menjangket demam ceme2 mami mertuweku itu. kalo 3,4 hr lg buang ayor besor+kecik kaler gelap, baghu dtg buat bloodtest.

amik lg obat2an sebemban, balik le kami ke ghomah nk2 pukoi 1pg. gitu le lbehkorang kejadiannye yg menjadikan teman mishi shekshi 3hr lamenye huhuhuu..

haghi ni ya habbibi dedor2 lg bdnnye. tp dh buleh mangket makan kt meja alhamdulillah.. tuan kecik skali pulak liat nk ke skolahnye.. ye le dekat 2menggu juge tuangnye. buat muke sedihnye mase ngantor td.. aiisshhh... saborjele mishi shekshi!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chuti Mishi Shekshi

teman haghi ni chuti mishi shekshi atopun BO nye emergency leave..
kendian2 le teman kaborkan apekehenye ye..
ni nk qodho tidor dulu.. zzzzzz........