Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marge Simpson

i adore marge simpson. she's the husky-voiced superfun mom from the TV series The Simpson. those who 'follows' her might recognise where i 'copied' my blog title from. those who dont, this is from her notepad.. 'from the mind of marge' originally. the way she put up (a.k.a. bersabor je le) with her family's antics is always fun to watch. dedolu jaman dok kampung melben tu ade le time nk layan the simpsons ni. jaman putrejaye ni sesekali-kale je le.. i miss her!
so there.. a bit of sejarah tajuk blogku ini.

p/s entah ngape image pakcik Google takmo kluor.. kome google sendri le ye

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