Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Have u ever? (updated)

felt like ur world came crashing down on u but there's still some beam of light coming through the rubble?

that's what just happened today..

may Allah show us all the rightful path.. amiinn..!

will update with details later.

here's the overdue update..

the crash was our long-lobbied project. actually hubby + FIL's.. months of lobbying, paperworks, going to + from the project site for meetings, monies advanced for expenses incurred, our low budget rayas.. all down the drain! the frustrations only Allah knows.. the only consolation is maybe there's hikmah behind the failure. maybe Allah have better plan for us..

and sesungguhnye doa org2 yg terniaya itu makbul... i strongly believe so!
my transfer goes thru! going to be in new department this new year :)
learning new things, gaining new frens.. i luv my current frens but it's due time to move on.. tukor angin kate org tue2..

may 2011 offers better hope for us all.. amiinnn... :)


kakcik said...

Idokle teman BO ni... tapi teman aminkanlah juga doa mike.

Aminnn... :)

AzeedA said...

mekasih le mike tlg ngaminkan..
nnti jap2 lg teman apdet ye..

kakcik said...

Mane catatan baghunye weh???

AzeedA said...

apdet yg lame je kakcik weh..\
yg baghu xdan nk naipnye.. bz bz bzzzzzzzzzz hehe ;)

kakpah said...

kakpah teghojah pulok ke sini. apekehe..

AzeedA said...

wah kakpah sudah tibe! shile2.. jgn semalu2.. blog teman yg ni baghu umornye.. nnti le teman nambah2 isinye ye.. :)